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 ESCO   has positioned itself as a global freight forwarder serving our worldwide customers through effective partnership with our worldwide agents.Our team of experience staff is dedicated to deliver personalized service and innovative solutions to meet the unique requirements of each customer. With our in-house developed Freight Forwarding System, we are able to provide timely and accurate information, making shipments easy to track and trace.

We never stop to develop new products , improve our services and minimize transportation cost to meet our customers¡¯ needs. According to recent logistics developing trend, we build up progressive working procedure and information technology system, ensure our services are accurate, timely ,low cost and good quality,. We build up good relationships with many carriers which will always support us .

 ESCO  company committed to Africa, Asian .and established sound cooperation with ship .

 Our major services include

 ESCO  logistics provides comprehensive international shipping, customs clearance and financial supply chain services; We mainly provides freight forwarding services from China to East Africa, Cameroon, Congo¡¢Gabon, Cambodia and Singapore. We have strong customs clearance ability and 10 years experience in the African market.

 ESCO  international offers the following services:

  • China: The whole series of international logistics
    supply chain financial services;
  • Singapore: Breakbulk and heavy lift cargo booking ;
    Bulk cargo chartering;
    container transfer and clearing business;
  • Gabon: Door to Door clearance international
    transport service;
  • Cameroon: Export&import booking logistics service;
  • Cambodia:Door to Door tax clearance international transportation