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 ESCO  know the features of engineering project goods and equipments, the requirements of foreign project, and the requirements of import-export under a long term practical experience, we have clear horizon and thinking. By refining the different needs of customers, we establish a service mode of project logistics. At the same time, we focus on many services about processing management, such as purchase, warehouse storage, insurance, transport, to door etc, and focus on detail management, such as service consultancy, capital chain support, process quality control, document making, imformation feedback, emergency treatment and warning prompt etc, which can assist customers to optimize and integrate a project logistics supply chain in order to reduce the whole cost.

 Project materals transportaton
  • Materials purchase, loading and shipping, such as timber,steel, cement etc.
  • Large / major pieces of equipment bulk shipping and container shipping, such as steel structure, steel pipe piles, frame crane, crawler cranes, cranes, excavators, dump trucks, watering car, powder jar, agitation station ect.
  • Combinning with multi-transportation, such as bulk carries, roll-on-roll-off ship, barge, container, and special container.
  • Service to customs clearance of loading port, assist customs clearance of destination port and document making service.
  • The comprehensive logistics business of trade and transport integration

 ESCO  has Import and export business qualifications. In order to provide the on-stop to door service, it combined successfuly for customers with trade, transport, warehouse storage and overseas agents' network resource.

Booking agency business of shipping companies:

Goldtrust international (singapore) co., ltd have establish close relationships with several bulk carrier shipping companies. It lays a solid basis for carrying out comprehensive logistics services.