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Shipping is the main business of the Central-Mao. After development, the company has developed a large number of experienced professionals in shipping; ports around the world are familiar with various types of cargo and transport processes, proficient in all kinds of cargo handling procedures. At the same time the company has with the world's major shipping companies established a good strategic relations of cooperation. Major maritime transport services are:

 ----The entire cabinet container services: 

 ESCO  has with Maersk, CMA,PIL,WANHAI,RCL ,CNC,MSC Shipping, other international maritime shipping company has signed agency agreements, business involving the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions, has advantages in tariffs! For special bins and special goods tariffs, we can provide more cost-effective freight services! ESCO agency, as a leading corp of export agents,our office cover China Congo,Cambodia,Gabon, Cameroon ,Singapore .we are profession for bulk carrier and sea cargo,to be trust and choose us ,we carry,we care.

 ESCO  has been set up a network with subsidiaries widely located in Chinese main port cities and main domestic cities which could provide importers and exporters with our professional service for shipment between those and West Africa,East Africa,North America,and Intra Asia as well as concern detailed service for warehousing, customs declaration¡¢clearance,commodity inspection...etc.Among these,West Africa and Asian trades are our absolutel advantage service with years experience.

 Our major services include
  • China: The whole series of international logistics
    supply chain financial services;
  • Singapore: Breakbulk and heavy lift cargo booking ;
    container transfer and clearing business;
  • Gabon: Door to Door clearance international
    transport service;
  • Cameroon: Export&import booking logistics service;
  • Cambodia:Door to Door tax clearance international transportation and foreign exchange marketing agency services