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Tianjin forges closer cooperation ties with Yellow River coastal region

Update Time£º2013-1-3    From: Internet

PORT of Tianjin has set up 17 "dry ports", the cargo collection spots in hinterland regions, along the shore of the Yellow River while the region is seeks cooperation in its effort to boost trade.

The Yellow River coastal region is set to become a new focus of Tianjin's regional economic cooperation plans, Xinhua reports.

Last year, Tianjin posted a volume of 450 million tonnes and a container throughput of 11.5 million TEU, becoming the fourth largest port in the world. (According to Dyaliners of the Netherlands, Tianjin ranks No 11 in world container ports - Shenzhen is in 4th place.) By 2015, Tianjian port's cargo throughput is to expected to hit 560 million tonnes in terms of tonnage and 18 million TEU in terms of container.

Tianjin Port deputy director Li Wenling said the Yellow River recorded a trade value of US$375.5 billion last year. Tianjin port covers a hinterland of five square kilometres. Seventy per cent of its throughput and more than 50 per cent's of its trade value come from regions outside Tianjin.

A Tianjin government official said the cooperation will lead to a win-win situation and that the two regions should build up a long-term and effective mechanism for coordination.

During the first quarter, Tianjin's 10 dry ports in operation handled 41,400 TEU, up 11.4 per cent year on year. Tianjin has set up dry ports in 21 domestic cities and three regional centres in Yinchuan, Xian and Baotou to manage these facilities.

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