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Hactl to establish first IATA-Authorised Training Centre in Hong Kong

Update Time£º2012-12-4    From: Internet

HONG KONG's premier cargo handler, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) has set up the first IATA-Authorised Training Centre (ATC) for cargo in Hong Kong to increase the level of competence and the qualification of air cargo workers.

The IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI), a leading source of international training and professional development programmes serving all sectors of the aviation industry, has developed the IATA International Cargo Training Programme which incorporates distance learning for students wishing to upgrade their professional competence or start a career in the industry. These courses are delivered in hundreds of classrooms worldwide leading to internationally recognised certificates or diplomas through IATA's network of ATCs.

The ATC operators abide by a comprehensive procedure manual, training staff must meet strict criteria regarding experience and qualifications, and the ATC premises and instructors are regularly audited to maintain consistent teaching quality.

The Hactl ATC will start in the second half of 2012 and will provide a wide range of IATA training courses covering subjects such as dangerous goods, live animals, infectious substances and perishables. The centre will use Hactl's large existing training centre which has recently been used to train Hactl staff and its customers in the use of the new COSAC+ IT system introduced by Hactl in late 2011.

The ATC centre will be headed by Simon Yap, in his new position as manager of operation training services.

"Hactl has a long and solid reputation for training. We have trained thousands of airline and forwarding staff in the use of the community IT system which we introduced in the late 70s, and have also conducted airline staff training at various customer locations around the world," said Mr Yap.

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