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Wuhan to invest US$18.2 billion in building logistics infrastructure

Update Time£º2012-10-24    From: Internet

WUHAN, the big city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze, plans to invest CNY114.8 billion (US$18.2 billion) in logistics infrastructure, including 173 construction projects over the next four years, reports Xinhua.

The municipal government will boost logistics sector development in industries of business trades, manufacturing, ports and bonded area. It will build around its downtown six complex logistics park and eight specialty logistics centres covering medicine, bonded area, dangerous chemicals, cold chain, automobiles, steel, home appliances and production materials, and build about 100 distribution depots at business congestion areas, key industry areas and large communities.

Wuhan's logistics sector revenue stood at CNY1.5 trillion in 2010, accounting for 10 per cent of municipal GDP.

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