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Hong Kong urges Vietnam to use it as springboard to mainland markets

Update Time£º2012-7-4    From: Internet

HONG KONG Financial Secretary John Tsang has called on Vietnam's business community to use Hong Kong to reach mainland China markets, according to a government release.

Mr Tsang met with Vietnamese Finance Minister Vuong Dinh Hue before the Conference on Global Financial Economic Challenges 2012 being held in Hanoi, and organised by Vietnam's Ministry of Finance, the Korea Asset Management Corporation and the Asian Development Bank.

Mr Tsang told conference delegates about Hong Kong's attraction as the preferred choice for enterprises seeking access to the Mainland. "Hong Kong's strong cross-boundary links, efficient infrastructure and decades of experience of doing business in the mainland offer Vietnam's firms an effective springboard to reach Mainland markets," he said.

Mr Tsang also called on companies from Vietnam to consider using Hong Kong as their partner in offshore renminbi business activities. The Financial Secretary also met Vietnam's Vice Minister of Industry & Trade Nguyen Thanh Bien, State Bank of Vietnam Deputy Governor Le Minh Hung, and Asian Development Bank Vice President Bindu Lohani.

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