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China Southern launches LA-Zhengzhou-Guangzhou all-cargo flights

Update Time£º2013-3-18    From: Internet

CHINA Southern Airlines has started an all-cargo service from Los Angeles via central China's city of Zhengzhou to Guangzhou on March 4, Xinhua reports.

The service uses Boeing 777-200 freighter and offers two flights per week on Tuesday and Friday with a flight number of CZ443. It departs Zhengzhou at 1525 hrs and arrives at Guangzhou at 1740 hrs.

Shipments from Zhengzhou and surrounding areas can use China Southern's extensive network at its hub in Guangzhou airport to Europe, America and Australia.

It takes about 23 hours for Zhengzhou cargo to transit via Guangzhou to Amsterdam and 29 hours to Los Angeles. If using passenger aircraft bellyhold, these shipments can fly to a number of European, American and Australian destinations on the same day as it arrives at Guangzhou.

Boeing 777 freighter has a capacity of 105.9 tonnes or 650 cubic metres. It can fly 9,630 kilometres when fully loaded. It has the farthest flight distance among all freighters in the world and the largest capacity among all twin-engine freighters.

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