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OOCL makes Laem Chabang-Yokohama KTX service changes from March 26

Update Time£º2013-3-10    From: Internet

HONG KONG's Orient Over Seas Container (OOCL) has announced the enhancement of the KTX loop through the rationalisation of the KTX5 service.

The new KTX5 service will be operated by OOCL and Maersk's MCC Transport commencing on with the 2,732-TEU Liwia P departing from Laem Chabang on March 26.

"Together with KTX1, KTX2 and KTX3, the new KTX5 service can provide a much more comprehensive network in the KTX Suite to serve our customers on the trade between South East Asia, North Asia and Japan," OOCL said..

The KTX5 port rotation is Laem Chabang, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kaohsiung and back to Hong Kong.

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